We are going to make a cross with one hexagon in three of its extremes:
both sides and the upper one.
The steps are the following ones:

  1. First of all, we will draw the cross
    For the drawing: they are given a model with scale 1:1. They have to
    measure the drawing and copy it on a sheet of paper, ruling the parallel lines.
    The drawing tools used by the students are rule, triangle, set-square,
    compass, pencil and rubber.
  2. Then, reduce it to the middle size using a photocopy
  3. Then, we will copy it by tracing in a piece of wood
  4. Then, The students will cut it with a hand saw
  5. And last of all, they will sand it with sandpaper
    With this project we pretend our students to put into practice their
    knowledge about measuring, drawing parallel and perpendicular lines and a geometric figure, in this case, an hexagon. Besides, they are using cutting and finishing tools for wood.

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