· Ingredients for the marzipan
· 130 gr. grind almond.
· 70 gr. sugar.
· 35 ml water.

· Ingredients for the filling
· 4 egg yolk
· 100 gr. sugar
· 50 ml water
· Ingredients for the covering
· 100 gr powdered sugar.
· 30 ml water.


  1. Mix the water and the sugar in a pan to boil and make the syrup
  2. Remove from the fire when it boils.
  3. Place the almond in a bowl and add the syrup little by little in order to
    form a paste.
  4. Once the paste is made, let it get cold. It has to be a little sticky but
  5. Make a flat sheet with a rolling pin
  6. Cut the sheet into pieces ( 7cm x 5 cm sized)
  7. Dredge with powdered sugar.
  8. Make rollers with the pieces
  9. Leave it to dry for 2 or 3 hours
  10. Place the water and the sugar together to boil and do the syrup.
  11. When started to boil, remove from fire.
  12. Separate the yolks from the whites
  13. Beat the yolks
  14. Add the syrup to the yolks little by little.
  15. Put the yolks under water bath so that they get thicker.
  16. After 20-25 minutes, the yolks will be thicker and the cream will be
  17. Fill the rollers with the filling using a pastry bag.
  18. When all the rollers are filled, let them dry.
  19. In the meanwhile, we are going to prepare the glacé, so we mix the
    water and the sugar till there are no lumps.
  20. Finally, we are going to bath the rollers with the glacé and let them dry,
    if possible, on a grate.

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