With the arrival of November and the celebration of the «Day of the Deceased» or «All Souls Day», we find it interesting to show our students the traditions of our own country and to share them with the students and the teachers of our partner countries. The aim is to know the traditions of other countries in Europe and see the diferences and similarities among them.

Besides, we find it elevating for the students that they know classic writings of the spanish literature while they enjoy the reading, as a source of leisure and cultural richness.


  • Knowing and appreciating classical spanish writings
  • Improving their interest in reading
  • Knowing and spreading the legend «El Monte de las Ánimas» as an important literary writing.
  • Knowing and spreading the knoledge about the author Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
  • Knowing and spreading our own traditions and the ones from other countries in Europe, as european cultural richness.


  • Introduction: explanation about the author, their writings, the book in which “El Monte de las Ánimas” is integrated, and its importance in Spain and in Aragón.
  • Reading aloud “El Monte de las ánimas” in class
  • Commenting and exchanging personal opinions among the students about the writing
  • Doing a summary
  • Fill in a worksheet about the characters
  • Activity related to the ordinary contents of language programation