We are going to do two activities related to this date in the florist field.
Both of them are common tasks that florists do in order to sell
arrangements to people who want to offer flowers to their dead loved ones by
decorating their graves in cemeteries.

First activity: Wrapping chrysanthemus and cyclamen plants with
cellophane and a ribbon. The steps are the following ones

  • Receive the plants and water them with care and little water
  • Cut a square piece of cellophane
  • Tie the cellophane with a raffia laze around the flower pot
  • Tie a beautiful florist bow with a colour ribbon

Second activity: Making a typical flower arrangement with fresh
flowers. The steps are the following ones:

  • Receive the flowers, cut their stem and put into water
  • Immerse the florist sponge in a bucket of water
  • Once the sponge is full of water, place it in a pot
  • Place the flowers in the sponge in order to make a fan shape

With this project we pretend our students to put into practice their abilities
in the florist field.

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