Seguimos profundizando en el conocimiento de nuestros socios. Para ello hemos decidido trabajar un 2º centro de interés. Esta vez hemos contado con la gran ayuda del Departamento de Inglés del Instituto.


Huyendo de la globalización, hemos encontrado LA NAVIDAD TRADICIONAL. ¿ Y cómo lo hemos hecho?

Los chicos y chicas del PCI, han escrito una carta a los REYES Magos, ya que todos ellos/as han sido buenos/as. Y eso lo cuenta muy bien a los pajes de sus majestades EL PAJARITO PINZÓN.

Pinzon Vulgar Macho

Dear Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar:

This terrible pandemic has turned our world upside down and 2020 hasn’t been a good year. We all have had a really hard time due to the coronavirus: we were put on a strict lockdown for several months and we couldn’t meet our family and friends; we could only see them through video calls. When we could finally go outside we started wearing masks and using hand gel. We also had to get used to keeping social distancing. Now, we can only go to school on alternate days.Although I have behaved well, I’ve been very responsible and I think I deserve quite a few presents, I won’t ask for anything for myself. I just want next year to be better than this one and be able to return to «normality» as soon as possible. I want health for everybody and the end of coronavirus, so that normality comes back to our lives, together with work for everyone and happiness to share with our beloved ones. 
So, this is what I would like you to bring:- Above all, I want good health for everybody. Everyone knows someone who died of coronavirus or is in hospital because of that, which makes me very sad. I also miss my friends and family, who I hardly ever see. I want this nightmare to be over, no more deaths owing to the «bug», no more social distancing, I want to get back to normal life. I want to stop using a mask and stop using hand gel. And I don’t want to be cold in class.- I want to visit my grandparents in their village- I want to travel wherever I want next summer- I want to go out with my friends- I want to have a family get-together on Christmas Eve- I want the vaccine against Covid to be available all over the world as soon as possible
– I want peace in the world
– I want this virus to be gone for ever
– I want to celebrate my next birthday with my family and friends
– I want to hug people and be hugged
– I want to kiss my dear ones
– I want those suffering from the virus to recover completely as soon as possible
– I want to go for walks, trips, go to parties- I want to go to the swimming pool or the beach- I want to celebrate popular festivals in my village again, taking part in events that fill the streets with happiness and bustle: bullfights with young bulls, concerts, sports…
– I want to celebrate Easter

Well, and I also want to:- pass all my school subjects
– be happy- get a job I really like- have money to buy my own flat and stop asking my parents for moneyAnd, above all: good health, peace and love for everybody in the world.Love,

P.S.: On the kitchen table I left some nougat and three glasses of milk for you, as well as some carrots for the camels.

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