Our bilingual students of 3rd and 4th ESO visited the Caixaforum exhibition «Egyptian mummies: rediscovering their lives». They went on a guided tour and learned about the identity, customs and some aspects of the lives of half a dozen people who lived on the banks of the river Nile between 800 and 150 BC. In ancient Egypt they believed that the body had to survive death in order to reach the beyond. 

In addition to the sarcophagi and the bodies, the experts have been able to analyse aspects such as what the role of women and children was in Egyptian society and what cultural exchanges took place at that time using pioneering technology based on advanced non-invasive techniques and studies, without the need to unwrap the corpses. The research has made it possible to create a personal profile to find out who they were, how old they were and what illnesses they suffered from.

Each mummy has a story to tell that is accompanied by a collection of archaeological objects from the British Museum.